Season 2020-2021

Season 2020-2021

The health crisis over the last few months has touched almost everyone in the world. Like most, Pickles was massively impacted. Our tour was abruptly stopped on the 13th of March. Once the shock of this sudden end passed we started to put in place different measures to keep the company running.

So now what?

Now we have decided to put this extra time into all those little things that we don’t usually have the time to do. From an extensive check up of our material to a dusting off of our costumes and props and not forgetting, the writing of our new plays!

So let’s forget the chaotic end of our last tour and set our sights on the future.

... And for us, the future means you and being able to see each other again in 2020/2021!

Other News

Stop! Workshop Time!

For 8 years now we’ve been working with thousands of students all across France and Belgium and we’ve always though how lucky our student actors are. Our student actors are part of a secret EITC gang, they get to work with our actors before the...

We are Pickles by EITC now!

Watch this video to know everything about the EITC, what's happening on tour, in your school, with your students.

Video made in May 2011 by Studio 80 and the EITC.

Health Protocol 2020-2021

Health Protocol 2020-2021


Pickles by EITC a mis en place un protocole sanitaire afin de jouer en toute confiance pour vos élèves dans vos établissements scolaires.

Ce protocole est le fruit d’une...

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